Malvasio Designs’ clients are connoisseurs, owning the world’s finest possessions. We strive to provide our clients with uniquely customized accessories and luxury home décor using our proprietary processes and superior services. From nowhere else in the world will you find the premium quality and limitless possibilities attainable with our fine line of products.

Upscale collectors, business professionals and CEO’s, yacht owners, designers, event planners and venue executives, luxury hoteliers, hobby and sports devotees, and royal dynasties are amongst that exclusive “club” of the world’s most highly regarded connoisseurs. They desire, deserve and appreciate the most innovative and unique possessions. We value exhibiting their fine taste and their keen eye for cultivated elegance.

Your individual expression and discerning taste for the very best can be timelessly stated with our exclusive and vast collection of gorgeous, symmetrically-balanced flatware. Create your very own exclusive, lifetime-signature legacy. We can custom-personalize flatware and ashtrays with your unique insignia, crest, logo or design. And, the addition of permanent crystals from Swarovski®, or Swarovski® Zirconia, will make your customized flatware and ashtrays those that are passed on from one generation to the next.

Add a touch of class to your home with our luxury home decor. Malvasio Designs® offers a collection of unique pieces that provide sophisticated and elegant essentials to your home. Our luxurious vanities comprised of Italian Murano Glass and stainless steel; embody high quality artistry for every day use. Our vast collection of Italian Murano Glass mirrors, with optional LED lighting, are handcrafted with precision and exemplify modern elegance. Malvasio Designs® Italian Murano Glass is also utilized for wall tile. We offer a variety colors and textures that make a gorgeous statement for accent walls, backsplashes and borders, etc. Indulge in any of our beautiful collections for a stunningly unique addition to your home.

Offered exclusively by Malvasio Designs®, our flatware, exclusive gift accessories and luxury home collections are beyond comparison. Contact us for more information